Battle Camp Cheats & Hack Tool for iOS

What is Battle Camp?

Battle Camp is one of the most popular game in many countries for iOS. This game is like a combination between Pokemon and the game where we need to connect 3 same picture. It's really interesting because there's no game similar like this before. Battle Camp published on 2013 by PennyPop and the popularity is still high until this date. Because of this popularity, many Android users want this game to be released on their devices.

The best thing about Battle Camp is because this is a massive multiplayer online game where you can meet and chat with other player live. Moreover, you can fight with other people's monster on PVP arena, join in a guild for Raid quests, and many other unique events. 

There's two main currencies in Battle Camp, the first one is Coins that can be used to fuse your monsters and the second one is Golds which is more important because it can be used to get rarer monsters in the game. You can buy Golds with real money from the in-App Purchase, but of course not many people want to spend real money to play a free game. The other feature in this game is Energy, which is limited and when it's depleted you won't be able to fight in any places. The only solutions to this is wait for your energy to be fully charged, or again, buy them with real money. But, this is no longer problem since we released Battle Camp Hack Tool.

Battle Camp Hack Tool

Like we said before, many people feel frustrated in Battle Camp because of the limited energy and getting rare monsters is almost impossible without golds. So we developed Battle Camp Hack Tool to unleash the full potential of this game.

There are three Battle Camp Cheats in this program, with this tool you won't need to spend any real money anymore ever. Here's the full list of our Battle Camp Cheats:
  1. Add Golds
  2. Add Coins
  3. Unlimited Energy
Battle Camp Cheats

Three of this features are all you ever need in this game. Before you're using this tool, we need to warn you because of Battle Camp is an online game, your progress will be monitored by the game's staffs. Make sure you don't put ridiculous amount of golds and coins or you might increase the risk of being banned. This tool itself won't increase suspicious to your account, but if you're abusing the system, then the staff of Battle Camp will put their eyes on you. So be careful on using this program, and all the risks are on your hand.

How to Use Battle Camp Cheats/Hack Tool

Now if you're ready to use our Battle Camp Hack Tool, please follow the instructions below step-by-step.

  1. Download the tool from the link at the bottom of this page
  2. Run the program as Administrator (Right click > Run as Administrator) if you're not the Administrator
  3. Connect your device by using USB cable
  4. Choose your OS from the list that’s available
  5. Click Connect button
  6. When your device is connected, don’t remove it until the process is done
  7. Close the game if it's opened (make sure it's closed from the multitask)
  8. Go to features tab and turn on the cheats you want to activate
  9. Insert  how many do you want for Coins and Golds
  10. Click on save button after you made the changes
  11. Go to start tab and click on START button, then wait for the process to complete
  12. Disconnect your device when it’s done, and start the game